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Seraphine Augustine

Tell us about yourself and your relationship with Bernadette Francis.

 I am Seraphine Augustine nee Francis, the daughter of Bernadette Francis. 

What are a couple of your favorite memories of your mother? 

Being the last child of the family, I was greatly loved by my mom. First of all, she took very great care of me when I was sick. Secondly, she made sure that I always attended school. 

How did she impact your life growing up, or name one of the most meaningful life lessons you learned from Bernadette. 

She gave me some very great principles to live by. At that time, I didn’t fully understand but as I grew up these principles have become part of my daily routine. For example, she told me never to tarnish anyone’s name, because after doing this, I would never be able to recover the person’s name. One day before I started to work as a teacher she said to me, “My child you are going to work with children; but I want to tell you to be mindful of how you relate to the children. For example, the child you see in a corner all alone, with neither children nor teachers caring much for him, make it your responsibility to befriend that child and help him as much as you can. You never know who this child can become. When you help him, you will have nothing to regret in the future.” 

How important was education to her? 

It was very important. She ensured that all her children attended school daily unless we were sick. She made it her duty to send us to school on time and made it her duty that we had all we needed to attend school without any worry. 

Describe your teaching career? Describe how your early education impacted your career. 

I can say my teaching career was something that brings joy to my heart. For some of the students who would have no opportunity to obtain a high school education did so, and up to this moment keep close contact with me and express their gratitude. 

What’s your philosophy on education? 

My philosophy is that every child should be motivated and encouraged to attend school regularly; and given opportunities by both parents and teachers to excel in what they do and take their schoolwork seriously, for it will be one of the things that will determine their success in life. 

Why would you encourage someone to support the Bernadette Francis Foundation? 

I would encourage someone to help the foundation because this was one of the greatest lessons mom taught us in life, and that is to always help those who cannot help themselves. As a child, she would always give me whatever she could to bring to the people who needed help. It was her delight to assist the poor. 


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